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Welcome to Yonghang Transmission: Your Premier Destination for Flat Belts Solutions

Welcome to Yonghang Transmission: Your Premier Destination for Flat Belts Solutions

We at Yonghang Transmission strive to change the way you run your factories by using our high-quality flat belts. These flat belts are made with accuracy and toughness in mind; they can be used anywhere for anything that you need them to do. Try a Yonghang Transmission flat belt today! We make our flat belts out of new materials and with up-to-date techniques so they will never let you down when it comes to quality or performance. There isn’t another belt on the market like it – ours is better than all others combined! Whether power transmitting or conveyor systems are being discussed, one thing remains true; no matter what type of industry someone works within their establishment must function seamlessly otherwise there would be chaos among its employees leading ultimately towards failure which nobody wants because then nothing will work as intended causing lots more problems than necessary.

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Guangzhou Yonghang Transmission Belt Co., Ltd. was founded in 2014, is a focus on rubber belt research and development manufacturer. Yonghang company has 10000 square meters of production base, the introduction of domestic and foreign advanced manufacturing equipment more than 50 units, and so on. Mold more than 8000 sets, an annual output of various types of rubber belt 500,000. The main products for the rubber belt series of products, such as coated timing belt, rubber flat belt, rubber haul off belt, PU timing belt, ATM belt, sausage belt, printer Belt, Conveyor Belt,Pulley,and so on.

YONGHANG company strictly implements IS09001 international quality certification, from design, raw materials, to production, every detail is excellence, only for high quality! Our products are widely used in printing carton packaging equipment, pipe wire and cable traction equipment, food packaging film equipment, wood chopsticks carpentry equipment, and so on.

YONGHANG offers a wide variety of standard items and special products designed to satisfy specific customer requirements.

We have professional Engineers and a skilled Quality Assurance team to make sure that we can constantly offer our customers high-quality products. Our experienced sales team will help the customers to find out whatever they are seeking and then to settle any after-sale issues.

Why Choose Yonghang Transmission

Advanced Manufacturing Technology

Our company, Yonghang Transmission, leverages advanced manufacturing technology to produce high-quality rubber belts. With state-of-the-art equipment and innovative processes, we ensure precision and consistency in every belt we manufacture.

Professional R&D Team

At Yonghang Transmission, we boast a team of experienced professionals dedicated to research and development. Our experts continuously strive to innovate and improve our products, staying ahead of industry trends and meeting the evolving needs of our customers.

Customization Capabilities

One of our key strengths at Yonghang Transmission is our ability to customize rubber belts to meet specific customer requirements. Whether it's size, material, or application-specific features, we offer tailored solutions to suit diverse needs and preferences.

Comprehensive Product Line

Yonghang Transmission offers a comprehensive product line of rubber belts, including timing belts, coated belts, flat belts, and more. Our extensive range ensures that customers can find the perfect belt solution for their unique applications, all under one roof.


What users say about Yonghang Transmission

I recently purchased rubber belts and coated timing belts from Yonghang Transmission, and I couldn't be happier with the quality of their products. The rubber belts are durable and provide excellent traction, while the coated timing belts offer smooth and precise operation. Yonghang Transmission's customer service was also outstanding, making the entire purchasing process seamless. Highly recommend their products!


John Smith

As a repeat customer of Yonghang Transmission, I can attest to the exceptional quality of their rubber belts and PU timing belts. The rubber belts are robust and reliable, perfect for our industrial applications, while the PU timing belts offer precise motion control. Yonghang Transmission's attention to detail and commitment to customer satisfaction are truly commendable. Definitely my go-to supplier for all belt-related needs!


Emily Johnson

Yonghang Transmission exceeded my expectations with their rubber flat belts and rubber traction belts. The flat belts are versatile and perform exceptionally well in various applications, while the traction belts provide the necessary grip for our machinery. The team at Yonghang Transmission was professional and knowledgeable, guiding us to the perfect belt solutions for our requirements. Couldn't be happier with their service!


David Thompson

Yonghang Transmission's PU timing belts and rubber flat belts have greatly improved the efficiency of our operations. The PU timing belts offer precise timing and synchronization, ensuring smooth performance, while the rubber flat belts provide excellent grip and durability. Yonghang Transmission's prompt delivery and top-notch quality have made them our preferred supplier for belt products. Highly recommend their products and services!


Sarah Miller



Do You Have Any Question?

What are flat belts?

Flat belts are flexible belts that are used to transmit power or motion between rotating shafts. They are characterized by their flat, rectangular shape and are commonly made from materials like rubber or synthetic materials.

How are flat belts different from other types of belts?

Unlike V-belts or timing belts, flat belts have a uniform width and thickness throughout their length. They are ideal for applications where smooth and consistent power transmission is required, such as in conveyor systems or industrial machinery.

What industries commonly use flat belts?

Flat belts find widespread use in various industries including manufacturing, packaging, textiles, agriculture, automotive, and more. They are versatile and adaptable, making them suitable for a wide range of applications.

What materials are flat belts made of?

Flat belts can be made from different materials depending on the application requirements. Common materials include rubber, neoprene, polyurethane, and fabric-reinforced composites.

How do I choose the right flat belt for my application?

When selecting a flat belt, consider factors such as the required load capacity, operating conditions (temperature, humidity, etc.), speed, and environmental factors. It's also important to choose a belt width and thickness that matches the pulley diameter and system requirements.


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