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T10.5 Timing Belt for Tobacco machine

T10.5 Timing Belt for Tobacco machine use ,YongHang Tobacco machine beltd are made of high-quality neoprene rubber - comparable to LINATEX. This specially developed rubber quality guarantees constant high friction and excellent wear resistance.YongHang Technics specially customizes belts according to your requirements like vacuum chambers, grooves, slots, perforations etc. 

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T10.5 Timing Belt for Tobacco machine 

Tooth Type: T10.5
Length: 934.5mm
Width: 12mm
Thickness: 5mm
Coating Thitkness: 5mm
Color: Red
Material : Rubber
Processing: Round Holes/Grooving

Tobacco machine T10.5 Timing Belt has the following characteristics:

High strength: The timing belt is made of high-strength material, which can withstand large pulling force and torque, ensuring that it is not easy to break or deform during high-speed operation.

Precise transmission: The synchronous belt adopts a gear and rack structure, which can achieve precise transmission, avoid transmission errors, and ensure stable operation of the equipment.

Wear-resistant and durable: The surface of the synchronous belt is covered with wear-resistant materials, which can resist wear and aging, extend its service life and reduce the frequency of replacement.

Silent operation: The timing belt has low friction during transmission, smooth operation and low noise, which is beneficial to improving the comfort of the production environment.

Easy maintenance: The timing belt does not require lubrication and is easy to maintain, reducing maintenance costs and workload.

Strong adaptability: The timing belt can adapt to different working environments and temperatures, and has strong environmental adaptability.



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