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PJ PK PL PM Type Cable Puller Belts

YONGHANG Cable Puller Belts for haul-off units of cable, wire, pipes and plastic profiles. The wide range of rubber qualities, tensile inserts and surface execution allows to fullfil at best any application requirement.

  • Introduction

PJ PK PL PM Type Cable Puller Belts

 Cable Puller Belts are designed for cable-pulling and extruder units in the cable industry. We use endless flat belts, poly-v-belts (PJ PK PL PM)and banded belts as a base. The top cover is made of wear resistant Thermo Plastic Rubber.

Product Name

Cable Puller Belts

Specification(Inner Length, Width, Thickness)

 PJ PK PL PM Ribs Type



Traction Layer

Rubber: Imported NR

Bottom Layer

Rubber: CR ; Reinforcement: Polyester Cord + Fabric

Mechanical Properties

High Breaking Load;

High Wear Resistance;

Low Elongation At Working Load;

Aging Proof


50°± 5°(Cable Traction)

45°± 5°(Optical Cable; Plastic And Pipe Traction       Etc.)

70-80°± 5°(Custom)

35°± 5°(Custom)(grey)

Max. Temperature


Delievery Time

Depend On Quantity And Model


Rubber Mixing, Winding,Rubber Adding,   Cutting,Grinding, Solts,QC, Packaging And Delivering


Cable, Optical Cable, Plastic, Rubber Tube, Pipe,   Seal And Packaging Industry Etc.



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