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V Belts Coating

V-belts with coating
Top coated v-belts are fit for conveyer purposes. Top coatings are all welded (not glued) to ensure a strong and longlasting connection with the belt. Both the v-belt and the coating are truly endless. We can coat our full range of belts.use for chopstick making machine,ceramic Industry . .

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V Belts Coating Details

  • Specification size:SPZ A B C D E etc (custom)
  • Length:300-2500mm
  • Max Width:480mm
  • Coating Thickness:1-10mm
  • Bottom Layer:Rubber: CR ; Reinforcement: Fabric
  • Coatings Color:Red /Green /Black/ Brown/ White/ Transparent
  • Coatings material:Rubber/ PU
  • Core:Steel/Kevlar
  • Hardness:45-50°± 5°
  • Application:chopstick machines, sharpening machines, grinding machines and other wooden chopstick machines ,ceramics.

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