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Tube Winder Belts

Tube Winder Belts It is mainly used for circular flat tape for paper tube machine, coil tube machine, spiral paper tube machine, automatic paper tube machine and all kinds of paper tube machine.

  • Introduction

Tube Winder Belts

Color : Yellow /grey /white/ browrn  Thickness 5-10mm
Length: Max 5000mm Width: Max 200mm
Working temperature: -20°C  +80°C Material :
canvas / rubber /nylon

Winding belts are the central link between a machine and the end-product.
Winding belts are primarily used in the production of paper and paper tubes. During the spiral winding of round tubes several glued paper webs are wound onto a fixed mandrel, the amount depending on the intended use and the associated strength requirements.

Practical experience shows time and again that smooth production processes can only be achieved if both the dimensions and the surface quality of a winding belt are individually tailored to suit the requirements in question. Most of the known problem situations can be avoided in advance solely by the selection of the correct belt.

For a long time we have been developing and testing out our winding belts in close collaboration with our customers. We thus grow with their requirements and consistently maintain our products at the latest state of the art.



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