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Red Silicone conveyor belt

YongHang Silicone conveyor belt is a special conveyor belt used to transport high-temperature materials. It is usually used in glass processing, ceramic production, food processing and other industries. Its main features include:

  • Introduction

Red Silicone conveyor belt 

High temperature resistance: Silicone conveyor belts can maintain stable performance in high temperature environments and can usually withstand temperatures above 200°C.

Corrosion resistance: Silicone conveyor belt has good corrosion resistance and can resist the erosion of chemicals such as acids and alkalis.

Good adhesion properties: The surface of silicone conveyor belts usually has good adhesion properties and can effectively transport materials of various shapes.

High strength and wear resistance: Silicone conveyor belts have high tensile strength and wear resistance, and can maintain stable performance during long-term use.

YongHang silicone conveyor belts have the characteristics of high temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, good adhesion properties and high strength and wear resistance, and are suitable for material transportation in high temperature environments.

Material : Silicone
Color : Red/White
Thickness: 5-6mm
Width: 20-400mm
Length: 1000-3000mm
Heat-resistant: Over 200°C



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