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Blue Coated Feeder belts

Folder gluer belts  is a common Feeder belts  , which is not only used in paste box machine, but also used in many machines. Generally speaking, the belt of paste box machine is made of mould, its thickness is 6-10 mm, the surface is smooth, the bottom is black, the surface material is made of rubber, very soft, very high wear resistance.

  • Introduction

Characteristics of belt of Feeder belts :

It is not easy to open and break after long time use.

Good wear resistance, no fiber fragments.

Feeder belts t in the work of running, very stable, good paper feeding effect, can be used for a long time. Paste box machine belt also has a special processing method of punching, if you want to customize paste box machine belt, you can provide your own detailed needs.

Color: Blue
Length: 300-3000mm/Seamless (Moulded)
Width: Max 400mm
Thickness: 6-10mm
Core: Fibreglass Core
Bottom Layer: Fabric Black/ Fabric White
Working Temperature: -20-+80C
Customizes : Cut ,Vacuum Chambers, Grooves, Slots, Perforations Etc.



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