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Anti-static Fabric Coating

Yonghang Anti-static Timing belt is in the manufacture of synchronous belt PU (or rubber) in the addition of conductive components (such as the addition of metal wire) or the use of conductive plastic anti-static is the resistance of 10 times 4 ohms or more, conductive is 10 times 6 times below, such as 4 times high conductivity and 2 times superconductivity, etc., conductive to be used in 220.380 voltage below the place of electricity. The ordinary synchronous belt does not have the role of anti-static, anti-static synchronous belt 10 of 6-8 times the use of anti-static materials made of anti-static, conductive high conductivity body for the surface carrier layer, widely used in the electronics industry, non-woven industry and other anti-static, conductive requirements of the material (products) transmission and process processing, electrostatic spraying assembly line, etc..

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Anti-static Fabric Coating

Product informatie for Anti-static Fabric Coating 

Coating material



Black /Green



Working temperature

-20°C to +80°C

Anti-static index

10 to the power of 4-8

Minimum pulley diameter

30x thickness



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