Folder gluer belts polyamide plate based flat belt


These Folder gluer Belts construct with polyamide or polyester traction layer. Our folder-gluer belts feature proven NBR rubber covers in different grip structures on both sides. Polyamide types need to be joined with an adhesive, whereas types consisting of traction layers made of thermoplastic foil combined with polyamide or polyester fabric are joined endless with the adhesive-free Flexproof (finger) method. These folder-gluer belts are available in different thicknesses and s

1. The fast round rubber flat belt is made of high-strength, small elongation and good flexure resistant framework material, which has strong transmission capacity and high tensile strength. It can use large initial tension. The rubber material is imported high-quality NBR, which has good heat resistance, oil resistance, fatigue resistance, wear resistance and long service life. It is the most ideal high-speed transmission flat belt.

2. Product features: Nylon strip has the characteristics of light weight, high strength, small elongation, good oil resistance and wear resistance, soft belt, energy saving, light conveyor belt has the characteristics of thin, soft, good elasticity, small elongation, stable operation, long service life.
3. Product application: it is suitable for the occasion of compact transmission mechanism, high line speed and large speed ratio. Such as: cigarette, cigarette machine, papermaking, textile machinery, military and other industries.
4. Product type: 0.8mm-6mm by belt thickness. There are PNP (double-sided rubber intermediate base), PNX (one rubber layer, one leather layer, intermediate base) and PNP (double-sided leather intermediate base) in the nylon substrate Cowhide belt available: 4mm-6mm. The size can be made to order.

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